Friday, April 27, 2012

customize a pony

I customize a pony! (o* v *o)

 The first coat

Blue Flowers

Purple flowers

Yellow flowers

Pink flowers

Green grass

Golden stardust


A lot of false eyelashes

Right eye

Left eye

Each of the four soles is slightly different

The logo is a lame

a final coat

::::: Completion :::::

“Frendship Magic” $2,000 Acrylic paint.
She explained friendship as flowers,
and Magic as stars.The difference in the face
and eyes the color of the left and right
means regardless of race and gender,
The magic of friendship is always on your side

“PONY” $800 Acrylic paint.
2012. F3 (273 × 220mm) canvas.

Eyelashes so as not to take ...

Wrap it neatly


Angel said...

wow this looks awesome!!

Allison said...

This is so amazing! Where do you get the plain pony to paint?