Friday, January 10, 2014

Canvas "A Night of Falling Stars"

I enlarge a picture of the other day and copy it into a canvas.

color of skin

Is not it unusual color a little?

Hair Color

Making tie polka dot

 Confirmation of color. What color is good?

The decision in this four-color

I draw a star


Background black

Liquitex spray it is being used for the first time

Hmm ... failure. Spray it difficult.

Corrected by hand. Hmm ... not so good.

I've bought the tools that blur!

Though how to use is difficult, it is fun!

I was able to do it just as wanted! went well.

I draw a star


shading off


I paint and repeat five times so that a uneven disappears.

When I paint with a small place, I borrow convex glasses of mother

Eye was completed!


 Top coat. It fails every time on the difficult top coat.

Failed!! Though I was dried properly, paint was blurred! I repaint it again after being dried


Redo of top coat.

Black part is hard ... after topcoat remained. Consider How fix. topcoat difficult after all.

I know that I check it in various ways, and the final coating melts with alcohol and wipe off a final coating with alcohol several times. I wipe it off carefully not to dissolve it with alcohol to paint.

 Yeah! I did it and was able to remove it at all neatly!

I painted the varnish. Dried for three days, it is complete and dries!


"A Night of Falling Stars" 

F50 canvas, acrylic paint.
Thank you for watching making!

YouTube :)


Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! I love your work, you´re really talented:-)

Chen Anne said...

You draw the stars really look good, you look like the stars here trinkets, I do not know whether you will like