Thursday, March 10, 2016

Seven Colors Series 3

paint the skin :)

 Two color hair :O

This work is "BRILLIANT PURPLE" ;)

O :O O :O O :O O :O O :O O :O

 Paint a line ;)

 eye ((( O v O )))

:.+*:.+*:.+*   Completion  *+.:*+.:*+.:

Seven Colors Series - BRILLIANT PURPLE
Canvas on Acrylic paint. 606mm x 727mm. 70,000 yen

I am selling it in the GALLERY TAGBOT (international shipping is also possible)

Q - Does this series has sales of print works and goods?
A - I'm sorry, there is no such plan now. Only sales of the original.

4 more! Don't miss it! :D

:.+*:.+*:.+*  Making the video *+.:*+.:*+.: 

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Margaret Ritzman said...

私は本当にあなたが「生シエナ」を描写することを選択する方法を楽しみにしています!´ ▽ `