My tool ;)

+ + +  I'm using acrylic paint Liquitex.  + + +
Liquitex :

+ + +  Soft Body Acrylic Paint : Light Magenta  + + +
It is my favorite color. It is easy to paint because it is soft type! A very pretty color :)

I classify the color that I made with oneself into bottles and keep it!

I am usable for years if I make it a lot ;)

+ + + base coat : Liquitex Gesso chalk + + +
amazon :

+ + + Masking tape + + +
I paint many times and repeat the same color to get rid of uneven coloring.
Therefore it is necessary to protect the place that I do not want to paint with with masking tape.

I tried some, these two easy-to-use.

Because the writing brush is expendable supplies,
I buy it without being particular about the maker. A cheap thing is enough.

I call this "BOKASHI-AMI (Literal translation "Gradate-Net")" in Japan.
Though I checked it, I did not understand the name in the foreign country.
This is the tool which is popular so as to learn it by a class of the art of the school in Japan when it is small.

I attach the thing which weakened usual acrylic paints with water, and there is gradation when I rub it.

youtube (Other people are using like this!) :

+ + + Paper are printing the draft is tracing paper + + +
I enlarge the picture of the sample to canvas size and print it on tracing paper.
youtube :

+ + + Cutter : NT Cutter D-400 + + +
NT Cutter :

"does the canvas not cut?"
A canvas does not cut if I do not lay emphasis too much.

"tear it off, does paint not come off together?"
I sometimes come off together…
Therefore I put a cut in a border of tape and the paint with a cutter beforehand.

+ + + Two kinds of final coatings + + +
The paint which I painted with comes off and finishes the last not to fade with a coat of the whole.
If a picture dries enough, I paint with "Permanent Matte Varnish".
If it dries, I paint with "Soluvar Matte Varnish".
"Soluvar Matte Varnish" protects a work from a change in quality and a change of color by the light of the sun.

Permanent Matte Varnish :

When it is difficult to understand sentences, I'm sorry because it is not good at English.
I am glad to get a lot of questions every day if becoming your reference.

Please draw the picture happily! :)


Momopodo said…
Your english is actually really impressive ^^) Hello~ I am a fan of your art from NY! I'm cheering on all your works and hopefully I can see one in person one day ^^
Unknown said…
Hello! I just recently found your blog, and I really enjoy reading it. Where would one buy one of those gradate nets? I would like to try working with it.
Unknown said…
Hello from rainy England! Your English is pretty good, your doing just fine. Your art is amazing, you've inspired me to pick up a brush and start painting all over again and for that I thank you very much xx
Renée said…
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Renée said…
Your youtube videos have been a huge inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing your materials, your techniques, and even your mistakes.
Keep up the great work!
vsock said…
I really love your work! You've inspired me to get back into painting, thankyou for that. :D

Do you know of any masking tapes available to buy in the US? It's very hard to find what I need
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for sharing your tools! Your work is great, please keep creating more magical paintings!
Unknown said…
There's some useful tools, perhaps to help you
Anonymous said…
I love your art. Thank you for sharing your tools and techniques. Do you have a web link where we can buy the BOKASHI-AMI/metal mesh screen tool you use for gradient?
Anonymous said…
how long does it usually take for you to finish a painting??
Arri Darling said…
HI! So the closest thing I found to the BOKASHI-AMI is a metal food skimmer. i found one on Amazon (if anyone is still looking - I can't see close enough to find out how big the mesh gaps but it looks to big about the same.
Unknown said…
You Should Make An Etsy!
Unknown said…
You are so cool... can you do a video on your layering process
Unknown said…
I really love your drawing skills and it's very inspiring to us people and me too. :))
へのへのもへじ said…

I really like your art and I wanted to say that
you are a really good artist!


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Home Services said…
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