Canvas art "2017"

First Canvas in 2017! paint the skin :)

paint the hair ;)

O :O O :O O :O O :O O :O

Flower :D

Stripe ////// ;)

Shadow & Background :)

Paint a line & eye :)

:.+*:.+*:.+*   Completion  *+.:*+.:*+.: 

Acrylic paint on Canvas. 

910mm x 727mm (35.8267 in x 28.622 in)
Price - 150,000 yen (w/o tax)

The new canvas of the beginning of this year drew a girl in a kimono!
She wears an unfamiliar kimono and makes her cheek red and shy, but she is very proudly smiling. :)

Selling it in the GALLERY TAGBOT (international shipping is also possible)

Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

:.+*:.+*:.+*  Making the video *+.:*+.:*+.:


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