Canvas art “SUMIRE”

Paint the skin :)

Paint the hair :D




Paint the background :D

Paint the clothes :)

Paint the line ;)

Earrings & Necklace :)

Paint the eye 👀

:.+*:.+*:.+*   Completion  *+.:*+.:*+.:

Madoka Kinoshita 2018 Canvas art “SUMIRE”
Acrylic paint on Canvas. 
Size - 606mm x 727mm. Price - 100.000 yen


:.+*:.+*:.+*  Making the video *+.:*+.:*+.:


Unknown said…
Nice art work madoka
Luxx Press said…
amazing art!
Anonymous said…
I do like your artkworks and they are made such unique style that they are so easy recocnize.... therefore it is also easy to see when they are copied and posted somewhere where they do not belong such as:

Sadly, I cannot do nothing else than bring up this account, dA's policity does not allow third parties to interfere with possible copyright violations, it has to come from the original artist. I know it's not at the best time. I am sorry to bring this up. It's one thing when people get inspired by others art and then there is plagitarism and copying which are not cool at all.

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