First live stream on YouTube!

I did my first live stream on YouTube!
I colored the digital illustrations over two hours!
I was so very very very very very nervous 😣
But it was a fun live stream! 🙋

I am not good at talking.
I can't speak English (This sentence is written by a
Translation software)
My Live stream is almost silent without talking ...
I think it's boring to see it 😓

However, it is boring to draw a picture alone,
I want to draw pictures on the Live stream regularly.

I can't read English, so I read a comment of Live stream by a translation software after a broadcast! So please make a comment any time. 🙆

I want to be able to speak English someday
I want to learn little by little from greetings in Live stream!
The only English I can speak now is "Hello!" "Good morning" "Good night" "Thank you" "What?" "Oh my god" "I have a pen... I have an Apple... Ah Applepen!"

Please forgive me if I make wrong English or funny pronunciation. 🙈
See you on the Live stream!

First live stream recording. A fast-forward digest.

Completion :)


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