Monday, May 4, 2020

Canvas Art "LOVE"

Paint the skin

Paint the hair

Paint the clothes & background

Paint the line and eye

:.+*:.+*:.+*   Completion  *+.:*+.:*+.:

Madoka Kinoshita 2020 Canvas art “LOVE”
Acrylic paint on Canvas Size 23 6/7 "x 31 5/8" in (60.6 x 80.3 cm)
Price  $2,000 USD 

I am sad that many people have died in COVID-19.
And some people attack others from fear.

I love you.
I want to paint so that your sadness and fear can be healed.
So that you can forget the reality and smile for a moment.

Thank you for always seeing my art.
I am here because of you.
Thank you for making me exist in you.

(I am sorry if my writing is full of mistakes.)
May 3, 2020 Madoka Kinoshita

Thanks for watching!

:.+*:.+*:.+*  Making the video *+.:*+.:*+.:

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